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Rainbow People
Breidi Jane
Rainbow People

fun wee wooden people. Easy to handle for small hands.

Works for my 3 mo old baby

Tried other gym pendant and hanging toy but my baby just not interested. But when the first time I introduced this to him, he started kicking, grabbing and staring at it. I guess with the combination of play logy gym it creates perfect length for him to play. And also the sound and the black and white color contrast must has been thoughtfully designed to stimulate baby.

Stephanie J.
Smart & effective design baby gym

As I mentioned in the title, it is smart design because it is foldable so it really good for storage which safe space. But it does not take away from the functionality. The 3 legs design, makes it more interesting. When playing, my baby is not just trying to grab the pendants but also kicking them with his small feet. The gym comes with a number of different size velcro strap, so you can hang any pendant (not strictly to play logy pendants) easily. Overall, I love this gym for my baby.

Fruit Puzzle
Breidi Jane

A great puzzle with a bit of a challenge with the differing shapes of the pieces.

My First Book
Valerie Young
very good product

Nice ideas that are not available elsewhere.

Angelisa Nickel
Playbook review

My daughter loved all the textures in the book and laughed every time she saw herself in the mirror.

A great addition to our collection

Our five month old absolutely loves these. We build towers with him to knock over and he plays around with individual ones using his hands and feet. So cool that each cube rattles differently.


I was given this as a gift by my friends. Really love it.

Such a great baby gift

I bought these for my sister and bubs loved them!

Such a great box

We were gifted this and love it. The play tips have helped me and Harry loves the toys. Thank you!

Round Rattle
Jane K.
Gorgeous gift

Gave this to my friend as a little baby shower gift. Its cute and fits in baby's hand well. I recommend!

We were gifted this and it's fantastic.

Great toy for our baby and high quality.

So cute!

We sure do love looking at the faces and the mirror in this book. Would highly recommend it.

Stepping Stones
Brittany Caughey

These are for a gift but are going to be so fun! They are soft and definitely don't move on the carpet. Really good quality

Baby Mirror
Lucy Tonihi

Very good purchase

Sensory Cube
Sarah P
Love this!

We love this sensory cube and use it during playtime. The big bold patterns are so interesting!

Round Rattle
Sarah P
Great size for baby hands

The perfect size for Finn's hands. Excellent quality too!

Sarah P
Excellent toy for our boy.

Great toy for grabbing and shaking. We love this in our household! We bought this plus a few other things, which arrived quickly. Thank you Playlogy!

Priscilla Smalley
Love it

Purchased for my newborn and it’s so easy to fold and put away when not in use. The toys are great for sensory play, the rings are rattles as well. Goes well with my play mat purchased elsewhere.

Great baby shower gift!

Bought this for my best friend whos a first time mama, she loved it! Great play ideas and high quality toys.

Great black and white book!

We've used this during tummy time to help build neck strength. We love it!

Excellent gift!

I bought this for a friend's baby. They've been using the toys every day. Great quality and well thought out. Playlogy is very loved.

Play Cubes
Fun, light, play blocks

We purchased these blocks when our bubba was 3 months old despite the recommendation for 5 months +. When he was 3 months old it provided colourful and fun objects to look at when practicing tummy time. The bells in the blocks also provided a little entertainment when we would shake it in front of him. They are light too so he could hold them when laying on his back. Now he is 8 months old and he enjoys pushing the blocks over when we build a tower. He also enjoys reaching and grabbing for them from the seated position! A great toy also for when he is on the changing mat!

Fab sensory ball!

We purchased this ball when our bubba was 3 months old. He is now 8 months old and it has been fun seeing him use this toy as he develops and gets older. He lights up when he plays with it and doubles up as a teething toy for him! It is light weight so when he was younger it was easy for him to handle and play with while laying on his back. Now that he is sitting and close to crawling he waves it around in his hand. It also has been great motivator for practicing reaching and grabbing from sitting and crawling position.

Fun, cute puzzle!

We purchased this for our 8 month old despite the age recommendation being 18 months+. Our 8 month old loves to remove the blocks and watching us remake the puzzle in front of him. It has encouraged him to spend more time on all fours which has been great for preparing him to crawl. He loves to pick up the pieces and tap them together too! We can picture him having a lot of use with this puzzle as he gets older and starts to master putting the blocks back into puzzle :)