Bubbly & Bright PlayBox


Hours of fun to be had with this vibrant musical instrument. Using an alternating up and down motion with both hands the toy's colourful segments will create various click-clack sounds. You'll love the look on your little one's face as they explore this wonderful musical toy.

  • Size: 6cm x 6cm x 35 cm
  • Material: Made from sustainable wood
  • Details: Suitable for 18 months +
  • Main development areas: Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Cognitive


    This colourful wooden xylophone will allow your little one to develop their musical ability and their hand-eye coordination. With the different colour bars producing different sounds, this will enable your little one to make some marvellous melodies.

    • Size: 36cm x 16cm x 5cm
    • Materials: Made from natural, eco-friendly wood
    • Detail: 8 musical notes, includes small wooden mallet 
    • Main development areas: Cognitive, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Social and Emotional


    This multi-tasking sorter encourages counting, sorting, and colour and shape identification. Count the holes, count the pegs, count the shapes. Are they all the same? How many ways can you rearrange the pegs? There is so much learning to be done!

    • Size: 8cm x 18cm x 7cm
    • Material: Made from wood with non-toxic finish
    • Detail: Suitable for 18 months +
    • Main development areas: Cognitive, Fine Motor, Gross Motor


    The art of threading! Stringing these colourful numbers will stimulate fine motor skills and the ability to concentrate. Children also learn to recognise colours and shapes. Whilst it's a bit early for your little one to recognise the symbol of numbers, these threading beads can be used in all sorts of ways!

    • Size: 40cm x 4.5cm x 2cm
    • Material: Shima wood
    • Detail: Includes numbers and threader.
    • Main development areas: Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Cognitive